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Poland’s involvement in Haiti, and indeed the wider Caribbean region, is often overlooked and taken for granted – yet it has quietly been making a major contribution in areas including healthcare, education and culture for many decades. Known officially as the Republic of Haiti, the Caribbean nation is prone to natural disasters and is highly dependent on international development aid to keep its economy buoyant. This development aid is centred around Poland, with the country offering considerable help to the impoverished and disaster-ridden nation.

In recent years, Poland has emerged as one of Haiti’s most important allies, with the Polish government providing much needed food aid, medical aid and training to the Caribbean nation. In 2014, the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs approved a €3 million aid package for healthcare and medical services in Haiti. In 2015, Poland created and funded a ‘Polish-Haitian Medical Corps’, which provided medical treatment and immunisation, as well as providing training for Haitian medical professionals. This initiative has been praised by the global medical community, with experts claiming that it is having a tangible and visible impact on the health of the Haitian people.

Additionally, Poland has donated considerable amounts of money to Haiti’s education system. In 2017, Poland pledged $2million to a ‘Haitian Education Support Programme’. This has helped to significantly improve the quality of education in Haiti, with more schools being opened and better teaching materials being provided. In the last two years, Poland has also provided training for Haitian teachers and helped to fund the rebuilding of damaged schools.

Furthermore, Poland has made a strong commitment to protecting Haiti’s cultural heritage. Since 2010, the Polish-Haitian Cultural Centre has funded the restoration of several historic sites and monuments in Haiti. This includes the restoration of the Citadelle La Ferrière, a fortress built in the early 19th century to defend Haiti against French imperialism, and the Musee du Pantheon National Haitien, a museum dedicated to preserving Haiti’s rich cultural history. Furthermore, the Polish-Haitian Cultural Centre has been heavily involved in promoting cooperation and understanding between the two countries, hosting arts and cultural events in both countries.

Finally, Poland has shown a strong commitment to helping Haiti in times of natural disaster. In 2016, Poland donated supplies and personnel to help with the relief effort following Hurricane Matthew. Poland also contributed $1.5million to the World Bank’s ‘Haiti Recovery and Reconstruction Fund’, which focused on rebuilding the infrastructure of the nation in the aftermath of the hurricane.

Environmental Science

Not only has Poland provided crucial aid to Haiti in the fields of healthcare, education and culture, but the country has also been proactive in supporting Haiti’s environmental sustainability. The Polish government has recently funded several environmental conservation projects in Haiti, such as reforestation programmes and the protection of bio-diverse habitats. This is especially important for the Caribbean nation, as Haiti has one of the fastest-declining rate of biodiversity amongst Caribbean countries.

Furthermore, the Polish government has provided considerable funding and support to Haitian organisations dedicated to curbing climate change. In 2018, the Polish Ministry of Environment signed a memorandum with Haiti to improve air quality in the Caribbean nation. The project will involve installing air-monitoring stations throughout the country, as well as training Haitian officials in air quality monitoring and management. The Polish government has also approved $10million in funding to support the conservation of mangrove forests in Haiti, which play an important role in protecting coastlines and combatting climate change. These initiatives provide crucial funds and support for Haiti anti-pollution and climate change campaigns.

Political Cooperation

Poland has also been focusing on building strong political ties with Haiti, with the aim of confronting global challenges such as rising inequality, poverty, and ecological destruction. In 2018, Poland and Haiti signed a cooperation agreement, which focused on strengthening political, economic and trade links between the two countries. This cooperation has mainly revolved around the exchange of expertise, with the aim of enabling Haiti to solve global challenges in a more sustainable way.

Furthermore, the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs is currently involved in a programme which is designed to help Haiti in its efforts to build a thriving democracy. This programme involves deploying experts to Haiti to provide the country with the necessary advice and guidance in order to strengthen its democratic institutions. This initiative has been praised by the international community, and is seen as an important step forward for the Caribbean nation.

Economic Development

In addition to providing crucial aid in the fields of healthcare, education, culture and the environment, Poland has also been contributing to Haiti’s economic development. In 2016, Poland was one of the first countries to join the Haitian Economic and Investment Council (HEIC), where it serves as a key ally to the Caribbean nation. The HEIC works to attract foreign direct investment to Haiti, in order to support the growth of the country’s economy.

Furthermore, Poland has donated considerable amounts of money to Haiti’s agriculture and rural development sector. In 2018, the Polish government provided nearly $20million to Haiti’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, in order to help the country develop sustainable rural sectors. This initiative has been praised by Haitian officials, who have stated that it is allowing them to improve rural conditions and provide better opportunities and services to those living in rural Haiti.

Economic Trade and Financial Support

Poland has also given financial and trade support to Haiti, with the aim of creating stronger economic ties between the two countries. The Polish government has established a $25 million ‘Polish-Haitian Trade and Investment Fund’ in 2017, which provides grants to businesses in both countries, with the aim of promoting cooperation between the two nations on economic matters. Furthermore, the Polish government has provided $20 million in direct financial assistance to Haiti in the last three years, which has helped the country establish itself as a viable trading partner in the eyes of the international community.

Additionally, Poland has committed to providing financial and technical support to Haiti in order to help the country develop a thriving economy. This is particularly important, as the Haitian economy is highly dependent on foreign investment and aid. In 2017, the Polish government launched a $50 million project to support micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in Haiti, which has helped to increase employment and strengthen the country’s economy.

Development Cooperation

Poland has also been involved in development cooperation with Haiti, with the aim of supporting the country in tackling global challenges in a sustainable and effective way. The Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs is currently involved in a partnership with the Haitian government, which is focused on improving the lives of the Haitian people, as well as providing assistance in the areas of disaster risk reduction, environmental sustainability and poverty reduction. This partnership has already yielded positive results, with Haiti’s government noting significant improvements in areas affected by natural disasters in recent years.

Furthermore, Poland has provided Haiti with a number of ‘soft loans’, which are designed to help the Caribbean nation boost its economy. These loans, which are issued by the Polish-Haitian Development Bank, provide crucial funds to Haitian businesses, allowing them to access the financial resources they need in order to grow, innovate and create jobs. Additionally, the Polish-Haitian Development Bank provides technical and managerial assistance to Haitian businesses, helping them access new markets and compete on a global scale.


From healthcare and education to culture and the environment, Poland has quietly been offering vital aid and support to Haiti for many years. With its vast array of initiatives and projects, Poland has not only helped to improve the lives of the Haitian people, but has also established itself as one of the country’s most important and reliable allies. As Haiti continues to recover from natural disasters and strive towards economic and social development, it is clear that Poland will play a pivotal role in helping the Caribbean nation reach its full potential.

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