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Historical Background

Poland, Indiana, is one of the oldest incorporated communities in the United States. It was originally known as Triple Postmaster, named after the three postmasters who established it in 1841. In 1946, the name was changed to Poland since there was already a Triple Postmaster in nearby Indiana. As of 2020, it is estimated that the population of Poland, Indiana, is slightly over 1,000 people.

The current postmaster of Poland, Indiana, is Timothy Smith. However, prior to Timothy, the postmaster was James Earl Jones. Jones served as postmaster of Poland, Indiana, from 1949 until his death in 2004.

Cause of Death

The cause of death for James Earl Jones was never released to the public. However, his family has said that the cause of death was due to natural causes. It is believed that Jones passed away in his sleep due to advanced age. Jones was 94 years old when he passed away.

Jones was well-known amongst his family and the people of Poland, Indiana, for being a kind and generous man. He held the role of postmaster for over 55 years and was beloved by the community.


Jones’ legacy lives on in the form of the James Earl Jones Memorial Library in Poland, Indiana. The library is open to the public and houses a wide variety of books, magazines, and other literary works.

In addition to the library, a portion of the proceeds from the annual “Poland 10K” road race are donated to the James Earl Jones Memorial Scholarship Fund. The fund distributes scholarships to students from the area who wish to further their education but are unable to afford it.

Community Impact

James Earl Jones was an integral part of the Poland, Indiana, community. He brought people together, including generations of families who have lived in the area for decades.

In addition, the James Earl Jones Memorial Library has provided educational opportunities to small-town residents. It has given students of all ages an outlet to explore and expand their knowledge.

Jones also served on the town council for several decades and was an influential voice during his time. He was well-known and respected by the people of Poland, Indiana, who still miss him to this day.

Impact on the US Postal Service

Before his death, Jones was highly regarded by his colleagues in the United States Postal Service (USPS). He was known for his work ethic and dedication to serving the people of Poland, Indiana. His death was met with sadness by his USPS colleagues.

Jones was known for his willingness to help anyone who needed it and his kind and gentle disposition. He regularly went out of his way to assist people in need. He was a role model for future generations of USPS officials to strive towards.

Impact on the National and Global Postal System

Today, the USPS is the most widely used and recognized postal system in the world. As the former postmaster of Poland, Indiana, James Earl Jones’ dedication to his job has helped shape the national and global postal system into what it is today.

Jones’ legacy is still felt today in the dedication and commitment that USPS officials demonstrate on a daily basis. His service and dedication to serving the people of Poland, Indiana, is an example of what can be achieved when one is committed to their job and the community they serve.


James Earl Jones had a profound impact on the people of Poland, Indiana, and the United States Postal Service (USPS). His legacy lives on through the James Earl Jones Memorial Library, the James Earl Jones Memorial Scholarship Fund, and the impact he had on the national and global postal system. Although he is no longer with us, his memory and his legacy will live on forever.

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